Feedback after Joining "My Homeless Tour Guide".


Dirty, alcoholic, smoker, begger, social issue, lazy, it is their choice … ect.

I’m Jeweanne, from Malaysia, one of the participants of this walking tour. The words above were my previous stereotypes towards the homeless. I use to hold onto the belief of “Where there is a way, there is a will.” It wasn’t until this tour that I realized this might not be always true. These guides I met worked extremely hard and yet weren’t able to escape from the homeless life for a long time. After joining this tour, I became much more appreciative of what I have and who I am right now. I started to love myself and the world more and more day by day.

Throughout this walking tour, I got to know more about their daily living. Their lifestyle really opened my eyes, although sometimes it made me very sorry and sad. I also did a lot of self-reflecting. I tried putting myself in their shoes and imagined, with my limited knowledge, opportunities and network, what I can do? A big obstacle is society’s ingrained discrimination towards the homeless. My emotion went up and down during this walking tour. Frankly speaking, if you do not imagine yourself as them during this walking tour, this perhaps will be just an interesting homeless story for you, but if you do, you will not only learn from the tour guide but also a lot about yourself.

It was quite an interesting and impactful walking tour for me throughout my travel journey in Taiwan. Before joining My Homeless Tour Guide, try to think about these few questions:

1. What do you think about yourself?

2. What do you think about your life right now?

3. What do you think about them, the homeless? Is it their choice to become a homeless, wandering on the streets, begging for something … or…

So give them a chance to be your tour guide to eliminate the stereotypes between you and them, and to see homelessness in a different angle. Let them tell you their stories, it will surely make an impact on your life. You’re indirectly helping them to build up their confidence and career, letting them escape from being homeless.

Sometimes, learning not to discriminate is more powerful than simply giving money.

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這活動是由台灣的一個NGO 和街友們合作的一個項目,讓街友們當導遊,從他們的角度,認識不一樣的台灣,從而讓這些街遊有額外的收入。





有志者… … 事竟成… …

呵~ 也沒想過了,誰讓我們有志了?誰又讓我們成了?


我生長在一個美好的環境里,雖然不是大富大貴,可是我有一群愛我的家人、親戚、朋友。不愁吃,不愁穿,只愁著下學期考什麼,下個暑假怎麼玩,我相信這也就是大部分,或身旁的人所擁有的一個福報 …


當你說當個學生考試很愁,上班OT很愁… …你愁個屁啊?!




還沒和這個NGO 合作時,因為有限的知識/能力/人際關係,局限了他能工作的範圍,在加上社會歧視的眼光,也讓他找不了好收入的工作。

就這樣,找工也找了20幾年,就專門接一些零零碎碎的工,搬磚頭,舉牌子… 賺下來的工錢也可能填不飽肚子,就別談什麼租房子了~

為了活下去,也必須打聽附近,什麼廟什麼教會,幾時幾點,會有什麼免費餐吃, 把肚子填飽了,才可以繼續找工,賺錢… …








我還每天碎碎唸很委屈的樣子提醒我媽,去年沒有吃到生日麵線(-.-” 其實是因為人在大學啦!哈~)。

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