Our Tour Guides

Born with curiosity and imagination, and always eager to explore the surroundings, Airy has been working as a reporter for almost two decades. Right now, she is a freelance writer, translator, and tour guide. She is a good observer, listener, and a great storyteller with a sense of humor and compassion. Her easy going approach also enables her to mingle easily with people of all ages. She believes that she can become friends with her clients at the end of every journey.
As a sales manager in the field of electronics business for 30 years, Clint is a considerate and passionate tour guide who always does his best to satisfy his clients. He is also a volunteer guide at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. While serving foreign travelers, Clint continues to learn more about the history of Taiwan. The most impressive thing about Clint is that he is an amazing photographer, and he is very good at preserving the memorable moments for the travelers.
Henry is a retired flight officer. Being an extremely responsible person, Henry sees every journey as a mission and accomplishes it with care and perfection. Before every trip, he will pay a visit personally to all of the scenic spots in order to collect the latest travel information. In addition, Henry’s passion for travel inspires him to study further. In 2015, he acquired the master degree in recreation industry management; thus, truly became a professional tour guide.
Due to his warm smile, you will feel totally relaxed once you meet Fred. The first chapter of Fred’s life was being an international freight forwarder for 31 years. At that time, Fred was a frequent flyer going overseas for business development. This enables him to serve foreign visitors with fair international manner. He is also a foodie and a great lover of the Island – Taiwan. Moreover, as a host of a B&B in Taitung before, Fred specializes in taking visitor to visit aboriginal villages in the mountains.
Taddy is an energetic tour guide. He was a handsome drummer when he was younger. After being a tour bus driver for several years, he is known as the most refined bus driver. Furthermore, it seems like that there is a GPS installed in Taddy’s body because he loves the local food so much that he drives around a lot to explore the Taiwanese cuisines hidden in the small streets. Loving Taiwan with all his heart, Taddy likes to say that he is like a talkative old lady because he cannot stop introducing Taiwan to you!
Spencer loves to show travelers around and to introduce them every little detail of his home country - Taiwan. He is also a bird lover and specializes in the field of organic farms and eco-tourism. Besides being a tour guide, during his break time from work, Spencer often volunteers to serve as a water safety lifeguard. He was the General Commander for the water safety posts in the annual International Swimming Carnival at Sun Moon Lake in mid Taiwan.
David learned English while working at Kmart Far East. During that time, not only did he spend time traveling in Taiwan, but also around the world. Today, he stays fit by hiking, swimming, and biking on a daily basis. Currently, he has been working as a volunteer at the National Palace Museum and at Yangmingshan National Park for many years. As a result, if you are a history lover or a museum buff, David, the expert, will be your best tour guide!
Born in a fishing village in Chiayi, Yummy is familiar with all kinds of cheap but delicious Taiwanese local food. Therefore, if you are looking for something “yummy” and doesn’t cost too much, he is your guy! He is also passionate about sports. In addition to playing baseball, Yummy loves to ride a bike or motorcycle around Taiwan in order to discover more private attractions. As a father, Yummy is loved by children, so he is the perfect guide for your family tour.
Lu comes from Puli, Nantou, a small town surrounded by mountains. As a result, he loves all kinds of outdoor sports, such as hiking, riding mountain bike, and river tracing. Lu had 2-year working holiday experience in Australia. During that period of time, he often took his Taiwanese friends to travel around the country. Today, he is back in Taiwan and can’t wait to introduce his home town to travelers from all over the world. This big boy possesses a most sincere heart. From his eyes, you can see a different Taiwan.
After her world journey, Vicky decided to change her career as a tour guide. Although Taiwan is small and unknown to many foreigners, Vicky is desperate to present Taiwan to all the visitors. As a Gemini, she is curious toward almost everything – from history to food. She is also an active lady who does outdoor activities like trekking, canyoning or diving. Travel with Vicky and she will guarantee you that Taiwan will be a lovely surprise in your life.
Logan is a young and interesting tour guide with lot of amazing thoughts in his mind. If you are also an energetic traveler, you can definitely get on well with Logan. He loves all kinds of sports, movies, music, and those subcultural things! He likes to take his customers to try some very local things in order to learn more about Taiwanese culture. Logan always tries to introduce Taiwan in an easy and lively way.
Joanna had lived in Bangkok where she enjoyed living in a cross-cultural environment, especially loved to meeting people from different cultural background. As a tour guide, she thoughtfully takes care of all the visitors who might encounter any inconvenience during a trip far away from home. She can efficiently respond to any unexpected situation and adjust it on the ground of our clients' benefit. Joanna is attentive and patient with elders and children whenever she is designated to a family group.
Samantha is an elegant and energetic tour guide. With a passion for hiking and biking around Taiwan, she is capable of taking you to visit the mountains, aboriginal tribes, and organic farms. At the same time, she is also very attentive, no matter where there are the elderly, children, or people with disabilities in the group, she will patiently take care of every client.
Irene started her career as a tour guide in 2016. She is energetic and sincere. She has a deep passion for nature, humanities, cultures and local cuisine. Whether it is a modern city, vintage township or beautiful mountains, she will lead you very well. In addition, she organizes tasks effectively. Irene is also very attentive that she can take care of each group member including the elderly and children.