Taiwan private tour for seniors

Instead of traveling with you, it is better to say that we want to accompany you to live a real life in Taiwan.

As a frequent traveler, your footprints can be found everywhere from mountains to sea. Day by day, you are not amazed by the magnificent scenic spots as much as before because, in a way, you are more obsessed with friendly interaction between people.  Your travel style has been upgraded to a whole new level. Finding a quiet place to unwind at your own pace, feeling the simple pleasure of existence, and enriching your soul—these are what you are looking for.

Taiwan Customized Senior Tours

We make you feel touched by tiny and plain things!

What we would like to do is very simple: move you with a bowl of home-made noodles; take you into the local market; teach you a few simple and practical Chinese and visit the craftsmen who keep traditional Chinese culture alive. Taiwan, the island full of temperature, is waiting you!

Follow Us and Embrace Your Life-Changing Trip!

ThoughtfulTour Guides

Our tour guides will let you get some feeling about Taiwan. Besides, they can be your friend in Taiwan who have a lot of different life experiences to share with you.

Mouth-watering Food

You just can’t stop eating the moment you arrive in Taiwan. We prepare a must-eat list for a foodie like you. (Maybe it’s time to take a break if you are on a diet!)

High-Quality Guest House

You can choose to stay in the aboriginal style B&B in the Taroko Gorge or the hundred-year house in the woods. Staying at those “made-in-Taiwan” buildings, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful stories that the owner has to share.

Amazing Place to Explore in Your Lifetime

Your tailor-made taiwan tour will include all the hot spots and places off the beaten track so that you can have a unique travel experience.

Comfortable Transportation and Appropriate Travel Time

No one can stand long travel hours in any vehicle. We will provide comfortable private transportation and make the best use of each day’s travel time.

Exceptional Experience in your Taiwan tour

Do you want to participate in a traditional Taiwanese crafts workshop? How about joining in a Chinese calligraphy class to explore the beauty of traditional Chinese characters? Giving time to balance your body, mind, and spirit from a zen activity sounds exciting as well! Attend an interesting class to learn Chinese culture and enjoy a carefree afternoon with us!

From the moment you step on this island, Taiwan, which is boiling with humanity, we don’t just want to be your travel partners, but also a part of your life.

Looking for inspiration for your upcoming trip?

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