Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We collect the frequently asked questions about Taiwan tour and sort them into the following categories, so you can quickly find your desired answer.

If there is still anything unclear, please feel free to contact us through our e-mail:

Group Size

What is the maximum and minimum number of passengers per group?

■ Package Tours:
The tour will proceed with a minimum group size of 2 passengers. If you are a solo passenger and there is no other passengers traveling with you on the same day, you may have to pay the price of 2 travelers to guarantee the tour.
In general, there is no maximum limit. But if your group has more than 6 passengers, please contact us before you book the tour.

■ Customized Tours: No limit.

Cost & Payment

Q1: What does the price of my trip include?

■ Package Tours:
It depends on different packages. In general, the price of our package tour includes driver guide, transportation, meals, admissions and accommodations. Please read the inclusion of each package before your booking.

■ Customized Tours:
It depends on each case. Customized trip is more flexible than package tours. We can arrange everything for you from hotels and transportation to personal tour guides and restaurants. You can discuss with your personal tour consultant about which items you would like to include in your tours.

Q2: How should I proceed if I decide to book the tour? What are the different payment methods I can use?

■ Package Tours:
Please book them on line directly. The full payment will be required through your credit card.

■ Customized Tours:
Once you agree the itinerary and there’s no problem with the quotation, we'd like to request for a 30% deposit. The remaining 70% balance should be paid at least a week before you arrive in Taiwan.
You could pay via
1) Credit card authorization form (no service fee) – We accept Visa or Master Card
2) Bank transfer - USD or NTD account (bank service charge)
3) Paypal (additional 4% service fee)

Q3: Could I pay the tour fee via credit card? Which kind of credit card you accept?

Yes, you can pay the tour fee via your credit card. We accept Visa and Master Card.

Tour Guide

Q1: What is the working hour of the tour guide?

The maximum working hour of our tour guide is 8-10 hours per day. The tour will finish before 20:00 PM so that all travelers can enjoy safe trip for the following days. (Settled schedule which is arranged by the tour consultants is not restricted to this rule.) Tour guides have the right to refuse any urgent request when they are not on duty.

Overtime rate is 1500 NTD per hour.

Due to labor laws in Taiwan, the maximum working hour is 12 hours

Q2: How much should I tip the tour guide?

We want our customers to be able to tip whatever amount they are comfortable with. Normally, we suggest tipping around $300-500 NTD per guest per day to show appreciation for excellent performance.

Changes of the Tours

Q1: What if I do not fully agree with the itinerary planned?

■ Package Tours:
Package tour's itinerary are fixed. If you would like to design your own trip, you can choose the customized tours and your tour consultant will create an itinerary based on your preference.

■ Customized Tours:
Customized tours guarantees full flexibility, so if you do not like the itinerary, you are more than welcome to discuss with your tour consultant to revise your travel plan. Please note, once you pay the deposit to confirm the tour, that means you have fully agree the itinerary.

Q2: Can I change my customized itinerary after paying the deposit?

If you need to change the itinerary after the deposit is paid, we can modify it without changing the accommodation. (Change the accommodation could cause extra expense.)

If you'd like to change the itinerary without changing the accommodation, please discuss it with your tour guide at least 1 day before departure about its possibility. The tour guide keeps the right to say no if it will affect the following schedule or working overtime. Extra expense due to itinerary change should be paid by customers.

■ Travel date change: Travel date change is considered canceling the tour. Each travel group is not allowed to change travel date for more than twice. If you need to change the travel date for more than twice, we will charge NTD 3000 or more as administrative expense each time you make the adjustment. Extra expense because of accommodation change should be paid by customers.

Q3: What if part of the group members request to drop out of the tour after the deposit is paid?

If part of the group members request to drop out of the tour after the deposit is paid, we will refund variable costs such as meal fee and entrance fee. Fixed cost which is shared by all travelers will not be refundable, such as fee of private transportation and tour guide.

Q4: Can we extend our tour?

Of course you can, and please let us know in advance. Kindly note there will be extra fee resulted when you extend your tour.