Working Holiday in Taiwan


Working holiday in Taiwan ! Travel in Real Taiwan with people around the world.

As you know, Topology Travel was founded with the sole purpose of helping people to travel in the “Real Taiwan.” We organize a wide range of outdoor/indoor itineraries through Taiwan from hiking and biking tours to volunteer projects.

Our goal is to create a meaningful and unforgettable trip for all the travelers in Taiwan.

What our working holiday partners say?

What will you do in Taiwan?

We are an established team of extraordinary individuals, and have made many great achievements in our work!

We are experts in marketing travel and tour packages, so we have already ‘set the stage’ for you! We will fully support and assist you during your stay with us. Our wish for you, while in Taiwan, is in project management: recording and marketing for Topology Travel. You will meet and interact with different people around the world, in the form of backpackers, students, professors and business people. We have created a meaningful position for you, providing you with not only experience but also a network toward your future career.

Initially, we will teach you some basic but necessary Chinese conversation and provide you with training in project of writing and marketing research as well as management. You will be asked to do some research on Taiwan travel information in order to create and implement marketing ideas and strategies that will attract customers. Special skills in filmmaking, writing/blogging, photography or music would make you a truly eligible candidate for this position!

You will also join our tours, taking notes, keeping records and meeting new friends. Once you are familiar with each of our different package tours, you will be able to use a variety of social media to promote our tours, targeting different clientele, e.g., backpackers, students, professors, businessman.

Along the training, traveling and marketing process, we will also request you to keep a record of your learning and experiences of the project. Upon project completion, you will have the opportunity to present what you have learned about Taiwan and your encounters with it’s people and places…a documentary or portfolio of your Taiwanese journey!

Who are we looking for?

Beyond the previously mentioned skills, some of the personality characteristics we are looking for include enthusiasm, flexibility, adaptability, open-mindedness, and a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

You will be representing your country during your stay in Taiwan; an ambassador of your country so-to-speak. You will be exposed to our culture as we will learn yours. Mutual respect and consideration is a must.

We hope you are energetic! Because of the limited time of your stay, the requirement is quite intensive. We hope you are ready to have a meaningful and solid sojourn in Taiwan. Like most experiences in life—the more energy you pay, the more you gain!

It’s inevitable to face unique and unexpected situations while working on this project, so changing yourself is always easier than the attempt to change others. Therefore, the ability to adapt or ‘fit’ in new situations is very useful.

What are the benefits you will get from working with us?

To recap our message:

You will receive the fundamental training and full support and assistance in project writing, marketing research, and management.

Topology is a business, and you have the opportunity to participate and help direct this entrepreneurial dream.

Through working and traveling in Taiwan, you will meet, network, and be friend an international group of wonderful people.

You will collaborate with a group of honest, energetic, and accommodating individuals. You will work among great visions and optimistic attitudes. Our team will become an asset to your future.


if you desire to work with us in Taiwan…and feel that your abilities and personal qualities match our requirements…please contact us using the form below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I saw a “file attachments”, what should I upload? CV?

A: We would love to saw how creative you are. So you can upload any thing. But usually, people will upload their CV/Resume. If you have no idea how to make a good CV. You can take few example from this link. And here also have the Chinese version.

Please make it fun, we would not hope we feel boring when we saw your CV. haha

Q: Can I earn a lot of money there?

A: We guarantee you will earn something more valuable than the money. All our working holiday partners learn a lot throughout their tenure. People choose to work with us because we are good and we provide them great chance to live in Taiwan. We prefer to work with the people who come to pursuit their dream! If you have a dream to make your life different, we will be your best choice!

Q: How to apply working holiday VISA?

A: You can apply the working holiday Visa by yourself. We would provide the support documents if requested. Please note that working holiday VISA is different from Working VISA.

Q: Is there minimum months for me to work there?

A: 3 months is the minimum because we need to share some things with you so you will only show how good you are after the 1st month.

Q: Any payment will charge on it ? Do I need to pay for it?

A: Payment? Not at all, you come to work with us or hostel. So we will cover your basic living cost. You just need to pay the flight tickets. We know the value of dream, so we do not want to stop you because the money!