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Taxi Diary Taipei

A deeper tour of Taipei with the local taxi drivers

As Forest Gump’s mama says, “life is like a box of chocolate; you’ll never know what you’re going to get.” We say that “Taxi Diary Taipei, is like a box of chocolate as well because you’ll never know who you’re going to meet!“ Now, the chocolate is here. Pluck up your courage, come and get it!

What is Taxi Diary Taipei?

Taxi Diary Taipei

This is a tour that allows you to see what a taxi driver does within a day and also to observe the local Taiwanese people. Not only can you see the main streets but also the back street views of Taipei. Unlike rental car tour, during this tour, there will still be other local passengers hailing the taxi. You are in the taxi to interact with the locals and to enjoy Taipei from a different angle in a very short time. Sitting beside the driver, you can chat with the passengers and the driver, learn more about Taipei, and even make new friends!

Why Taxi?

They are City Experts

They are City Experts

In Taiwan, taxi drivers are those who know the cities the most. In other words, they are city experts. They are familiar with every road and back street. Since the taxi drivers are always on the road, they also know the best place to satisfy your appetite without starving your wallet!

Go Deep into Taipei

Get in Touch With Locals


Unlike other mass transportation, taxi is the only one that can go deeper into backstreet instead of main roads.

Joining a tour with the taxi driver, you can directly interact with the locals and experience the real Taipei.

Moreover, taxi is a very efficient way to travel. You can browse the whole city within a ride.


Q: I don’t speak any Chinese. How should I communicate with the driver?

A: Don’t panic! Most of the taxi drivers can speak a little English. Also, body language and facial expression are other good ways to communicate as well.

Q: What should I do if local passengers find me in the taxi after hailing?

A: The driver will explain the project to them briefly. If you still don’t know what to do, just say hello to them!

Q: I am concerned about the safety issue. Will it be a problem?

A: Don’t worry at all. Unlike some other countries, taxis in Taiwan are very safe. Every taxi driver has their legal licenses put at the most obvious place in their taxis. Also, the taxi drivers are those who we are very familiar with. They are all friendly and kind.

Q: Which sights will I actually visit? Can I ask the driver to take me to some tourist sights?

A: The Taxi Diary is more like a city adventure, not a car rental tour. You will not know the next destination even when you’re in the taxi! That’s the highlight of this tour 🙂


Taxi Diary Taipei

Price per pax

80 USD per pax


3 hours per pax

Meeting point

YuanShan MRT Station, exit 1


  • 3 hours of Taxi Experience

  • Oppotunity to explore the secret of Taipei

  • Taste the best local food that only drivers know.

  • And, of course, memories that money can’t buy!

Price includes