Our Team

Shirley is a Pisces girl who loves surprises and loves to surprise her customers (in a good way). During several email exchanges, a customer mentioned that they were looking forward to the braised goods from Lao Tien Lu (a shop in Ximending, Taipei). When they checked in to the hotel, they were pleasantly surprised as Shirley had left some snacks from Lao Tien Lu for them. She is very thoughtful because she will try to remember the details mentioned by the customers. Creating unique memories for the customers is where her sense of achievement comes from. She believes travel can make us embrace all the differences in the world.
Before becoming a tour consultant, Core worked in the National Museum of Prehistory and in the indigenous cultural industry for four years. She is a travel expert of Eastern Taiwan and knows a lot about the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. She loves to travel, try new things and recommend the worth doing activities to her clients. Core is a considerate person who is good at designing trips for travelers from 0 to 100 years old! She sees all her clients as friends, that is why she always give you good suggestions. You can sit back, relax, and let Core handle your itinerary in Taiwan!
70% of Vivi is composed of sugar. Her journey is often triggered simply by a dessert. On her journey, she likes to travel on foot and loves to do what the locals do. She thinks that the only way to create the most unique memory is to try different methods of traveling every single time.
Susan is a travelholic! She travels a lot with her family and they have been to all the cities in Taiwan. Susan likes to travel to new places and always be excited when she finds out something interesting. She also loves taking photos as a record to keep these memories. If you want to know some secret pocket list, Susan will be love to sharing with you!
Nana loves to travel and enjoys discovering interesting people and things in the local area. She engaged in international volunteer tourism for many years, planning and executing lots of events. Through communicating with people from all over the world, Nana welcomes different cultures and thoughts. Traveling with Nana, you can share every thought with her no matter how minor it is!
When I was a student, I possess the typical characteristics of Taurus: down-to-earth and mellow. However, after starting to work, the side of my Gemini characteristics revealed itself: humorous and witty. I am good at listening, so sometimes I solve others’ problems by providing psychological counseling. Giving birth to my daughter in 2008 is another transitional point in my life. I talk a lot about the mother stuff and become a busybody. I even pick scenic spots that are family-friendly when I am planning out my itinerary. I will actively talk to strangers and befriend them, and also like to share my experience in the hope of helping others.
I am Jenny, an OP who is in charge of the administrative affairs. This job may seem boring to some people, but there are always some unexpected surprises. For example, hearing good things about Taiwan from our customers makes me realize how beautiful Taiwan is. From the stories of customers shared by the tour guides, I learn more about foreign culture. From my young and creative colleagues, I understand my children’s thoughts more. From the always sincere boss, I see his perseverance and passion for promoting Taiwan. Choose Taiwan and choose Topology to feel the love I feel!
Life is just like a book, and everyone has their own stories to tell in their life book. I'm a person who loves to listen and to share these stories. For example, it could be the story of someone's favorite food in their hometown or the history of someone's family. By learning the stories of the travelers from all over the world, I am able to discover the world with my own imagination.