Live as a Local

Live as a Local

Explore with the Real Local Expert.
Join us to make your trip different!

Job Experience – Taxi Diary Tour

Volunteer Tour – Sweet Potato Mama

Want to explore Taiwan on the other end of the tourist spectrum as a Taxi driver? Understand the people and dynamic culture of daily Taiwanese life with some of our trusted Taxi drivers who will take you all over town. Make a friend and enjoy this unique experience of cultural exchange!

This project helps single mothers live independently by allowing them to become vendors of the traditional Taiwanese sweet potatoes. Support the mamas by helping them sell the sweet potatoes and get to know them as they teach you how to roast sweet potatoes

Danshui Walking Tour – Beyond Taipei: Discovering Danshui (淡水)

Cultural Experience – Beijing Opera Makeup

Formerly a shipping and commerce centre in 19th century northern Taiwan, Danshui has emerged as a fascinating place to visit, full of tradition, history, culture, authenticity, and food (of course!). We’ll take you on a Danshui tour that will open your eyes to this wonderful little spot on the river.

In this Chinese culture themed trip, we take our guests to experience a 2 hour makeup session by a professional Beijing Opera makeup artist. You will get to try the traditional face painting and costumes of the actors and actresses, and capture unique photos of this memorable experience!

My homeless


Breaking down the stereotype of homelessness

Taipei Revealed Tour – My Homeless Tour Guide

Imagine living on the streets with a constant pang of hunger and the only belongings being the clothes on your back. In this tour, we look past the stigma surrounding homeless people, so that we can hear their remarkable stories of the nomadic lifestyle. You will get to know Taipei’s deepest secrets (shhhh…) from our back street experts.