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Hot spring & cherry blossom
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Heal your heart! Hot spring and cherry blossom tour in Taiwan

Cherry blossom is the highlight of Taiwan’s tourism when spring comes, and it is also the best season to reward your body and mind by bathing in the hot springs! In order to help you release all the stress from the hard work you’ve done last year and to energetically welcome the new life, we combine the most healing elements, hot spring and cherry blossoms, to create a different family tour for you!

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Bathing in the World’s Top Rated Hot Spring
Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Best Location

Jiaoxi Hot Spring in Yilan is one of the very rare hot springs in Taiwan that is extremely rich in minerals. Being colorless and odorless, the sodium bicarbonate water is drinkable, healthy, and is widely used as a beauty treatment. Most hotels in Jiaoxi not only provide private hot spring in your own room, but also public SPA pool for you to enjoy.

Although the flowering period has been disrupted by global-warming, our professional tour consultants are always ready to update the information about the blossom for you to ensure your best experience of the pink flower sea during the cherry blossom season.

Participating in Sakura Festival at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village

The annual Sakura Festival in Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is the largest Cherry Blossom Festival in Taiwan. There are over 5000 buds of Kwanzan cherry and Fuji cherry beginning their once a year showcase along with the indigenous culture performances, photo shooting and more during the Festival. The whole festival will continue through to the mid of March.

Visiting the Secret New Field – Northern Cross-Island Highway

To foreign travelers, the northern cross-island highway is still an untouched land. Traveling along the highway, you can enjoy the Mother Nature’s greatest gifts: magnificent mountains and spectacular waterfalls. Besides, you can also visit the aboriginal tribes and have a taste of their unique, delicious ethnic foods. Here, it is also a popular spot for flower-viewing. During different seasons, the travelers can watch the plum blossom (winter), the cherry blossom (spring), and the maple leaves (autumn) swirling and dancing in the wind.

Tasting the Best Local Snacks in the Most Ancient City – Tainan

If you ask 10 Taiwanese people “where can I have the best local snack in Taiwan?” 9 of them will answer “Tainan.” No matter you are a foodie or not, you must try some local snacks when visiting Tainan. You will realize that the flavor is totally different from and much better than other cities’!

Rolling in the Mud? Let’s Soak in the Volcanic Mud Hot Spring Full of Mineral!

Guanziling Hot Spring is a famous hot spring in southern Taiwan. The spring water is dark gray, emerging from the rocks. It is also called the “mud hot spring” and “black hot spring”. The natural gas and the spring water exist together in the cave presenting a peculiar view.


Day 1

– Yangmingshan Tour

Pick you up at the hotel you stay

View cheery blossom at Yangmingshan National Park

Taste wild vegetable and organic chicken on the mountain

Relax at valley of the sun: Qingtiangang Meadow

Visit Small Oil Pit to see volcanic fumaroles and sulfurous rocks

Bathe in the private hot spring at hot spring resort

Stroll on the Daxi Old Street where historical baroque façade arches are everywhere

Day 2

– Yilan Tour

Make spring onion pancake by yourselves at spring onion farm

Visit the Kavalan Whisky Distillery and try the World’s Best Single Malt Whisky

Pick seasonal fruits such as kumquats and make them into candied fruits

Day 3

– Secret Northern Cross-Island Highway

Walk on the exciting transparent skywalk at Xiao Wulai Scenic Area

Try Aboriginal Atayal Specialty

Enjoy beautiful flowers and scenery at Jiaobanshan Park

Day 4

– Sun Moon Lake Tour

Participate in Sakura Festival at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village

Overlook Sun Moon Lake on the cable car

Make sure to have yourself a DIY paper crafting at an ancient paper factory

Day 5

– Tainan Tour

Bathe in Volcanic Mud Hot Spring to get natural nutrition for your delicate skin

Take Cigu Lagoon Bamboo Raft to find hermit crab and taste the freshest oyster

See the picturesque sunset at the salt farm

Have the best local snack in Taiwan

Day 6

– Tainan Tour

Wander through the Anping Old Street to find the traditional flavor of Taiwan

Experience the vitality of plants: Anping Tree House

Watch a nice drum show at Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Zone

Listen to the history about Taiwan at Chikanlou

Day 7

– Taichung Tour

Make a dough figurine at Charming Lukang Township

Go cycling along the railway: Houfeng Bikeway

Buy an ice cream at Miyahara Eye Hospital, the most popular shop in Taichung

Get lost in food paradise: Feng-Chia Night Market

What do our clients say:

“Awesome week in Taiwan”

The best ever family holiday with Spencer looking after us! He was awesome in introducing us to all aspects of Taiwanese culture, food, natural beauty and times everything well. Topology really planned a great once in a lifetime holiday for us. The accommodation, food and experience was superb and of high quality!! We are already planning our next trip back to Taiwan with Topology! Wonderful!

– Foong Kuen

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