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Make friends during your Taiwan tour

The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is people. The views that you see along the trip are stored in your eyes, but the warmth that you come across lives in your heart. Taiwanese B&Bs have warm people and touching story. The host is always like an old friend who passionately welcomes you and can’t wait to introduce the local culture to you. The next time you visit Taiwan, why not give different types of B&Bs a try and experience the most authentic local’s way of living and enjoying life!

Family Fun
DIY Activities


Join the Night-Time Eco – Tour at Old Five B&B
A Utopia in the Mountains – Zhou Ye Cottage

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the great nature and the most authentic Taiwanese hospitality, this is definitely the place to be. Follow the host of Old Five B&B, and he will show you around the natural environment nearby. If you are lucky, you probably will get a glimpse of the fireflies or hear the voice of different species of creatures that come out to play only at night.

Indulging yourself in this paradise where it makes you rediscover the warmth and tenderness of a little farmhouse. The traditional indigo dyeing is the activity that you can’t miss, which is the best natural souvenir you can give to your love ones.

Treating Guests as Friends – Springland Villa

The hospitality and friendliness of the host make guests feel like at home. Located beside the paper church in Tao Mi Eco Villiage, the villa is a Japanese style building surrounded by trees with a lovely garden scenery and pure mineral water. When the night falls, with a hot cup of black tea and the music of the nature, you will have yourself a perfect vacation!

Natural Morning Call – Ecological Tour in the Mingcing Farm

Due to its high altitude at 1,700 meters, Mingcing Farm possesses the best view of Chingjing. With the constantly changing picture of clouds and the well-designed Bihu trail, it makes the visitors feel like they are in heaven beyond all the clouds and the hustle and bustle in the city. Every morning, the host of the B&B will lead the travelers to visit the garden and share many interesting stories about the plants, fruits, and flowers with them.

Have Fun with Local Aborigine – Taroko Leader Village Pulowan

Leader Village Taroko is designed to be a small tribal village with stand-alone aboriginal-style cabins. The interior textile lamps and paintings are all aboriginal hand-made art crafts. The living room is placed outside so that guests can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding during the day and chat with family members under the curtain of the starry night. Don’t miss the show at night which you can enjoy the aboriginal dance and instruments.

Living with the Nature – Traditional Art Villa

Surrounded by rich greeneries and serene environment, the host is keen to provide cozy accommodations for guests to relax and unwind. The sand pit exclusive to children, the broad green land of playground, the outdoor balcony besides the pool, the comfortable garden scenery, all of which add some spice to the travel. In addition, the warmth and kindness of the host are what the visitors miss the most.


Day 1

– Hsunchu and Miaoli Tour

Pick you up at the hotel you stay

Pick fruits in Taiwan, the kingdom of fruit

Explore Hakka village: Beipu Old Street

Design your own handkerchief using the natural indigo blue dye

Stay at a Utopia in the Mountains – Zhou Ye Cottage

Join the night-time eco tour at Old Five B&B

Day 2

– Sun Moon Lake Tour

Explore the breathtaking beauty in Sun Moon Lake

Relish Itathao aboriginal cuisine

Visit Wenwu Temple, pray for good grade

Day 3

– Puli Tour

Create your own paper product from raw wood at Paper factory

Taste food made with Shaoxing Wine at Puli brewery

Find Your Inner Peace at Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Stay at Springland Villa and make friends with hosts there

Day 4

– Cingjing Tour

Visit Green-Green Grassland to get closer to the cute animals

Enjoy the unbelievable equestrianism show

Stay above the cloud: Mingcing Farm

Day 5

– Taroko Gorge Tour

Join the ecological tour held by Mingcing Farm

Capture the magnificent scenery in Hehuan Mt. & the highest highway in Taiwan

Take an adventure at Taroko National Park

Unveil the mysterious Shakadang Trail

Have a wonderful night in the gorge: Leader Village Pulowan

Day 6

– Yilan Tour

Enjoy a traditional Taiwanese dish: kiln-roasted chicken

Have fun at National Center for Traditional Arts

Experience hands-on shrimp fishing

Satisfy your hunger in Lo-don Night Market

Stay at lovely and warm guesthouse: Traditional Art Villa

Day 7

– Jiufen Tour

Visit Bitou Cape trail & Nanya the rocky shore

Stroll around Jiufen & its nostalgic old street

Have a tour in a local vintage theater house

Visit the flowing treasure: The Golden Waterfall

What do our clients say:

“A Trip to Remember”

We had a memorable trip with our driver guide. We were well taken care of by him. He was a very kind and patient man who can click extremely well with the young and old. My whole family loves him. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend on the last day of our trip. The tour guide’s name was still on our lips after we came back. We would gladly go back to Taiwan again to do another trip with him.

– Abby Lim

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