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Hands-on Experiences: Create your own Taiwan tour

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Hands-on Experiences: Create your own Taiwan memory

A beautiful day starts with hands-on experience. In the ranch, you can use the freshest ingredients to make mouth-watering and inviting snacks, learn the culture of dye cloth that represents the Hakka spirit, knead the fragrant tea leaves, try the traditional oyster farmers’ village life, create your own pottery, and so on. Countless of activities for you to choose from so that you can create a unique memory during your Taiwan tour. During these educative hands-on experience activities, age is not a problem. The parents can become their children’s best playmates.

Family Fun
DIY Activities


Create Your Own Paper Product from Raw Wood at Paper Factory
Make a Unique Handicraft in a Traditional Way

You can design your own handkerchief using the natural indigo blue dye of a local plant. After repeatedly folding, twirling, crumpling, and tying the scarf with rubber bands and strings, you will have a best natural souvenir to take back home.

Puli’s unique climate and exceptional water quality made it an ideal place for paper manufacturing. Paper Factory offers an educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Make Unique Personal Flavor Tea with Your Own Hands

Due to the special characteristics of the local environment that made it an ideal place for black tea to be grown, Yuchih black tea soon became world famous. You can experience how to make tea with your own hands. Take some freshly picked tea leaves and rub the leaves in circles, over and over again until they’ve dried up and are dark in color. Make unique personal flavor black tea and bring it home to enjoy!

Be a One Day Fisher; Enjoy the Fun of Picking Oysters

When the sea breeze blows, the oyster shells clank. This is a song welcoming the visitors to Wanggong. Wanggong is a typical fishing village. It is famous for its oyster culture business and rich natural landscapes and cultural resources, such as the coastal features like mangrove forests, water birds, fiddler crabs and mudskippers.

Light Up the Skies for Luck—Sky Lantern
Make One of Taiwan’s Best Food: Pineapple Cake

The sky lanterns are popular with people who want to be blessed for various reasons, including students eyeing good grades, lovers hoping for a happy ending, and workers aiming for career success. Even married couples who are keen to have children will come here to set a sky lantern because the local pronunciation of sky lantern is “Tien-Ding”, which sounds like “adding a son” in Chinese. So let’s make a wish, write it on the lantern, and let it soar!

Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes are one of Taiwan’s best food souvenirs. They are also called Pineapple Tarts or Pineapple Shortbread. It’s crumbly, fragrant crust and the chewy, sweet fruit filling come together as a great companion for tea and other beverages. During the course, the teacher will show you how to make these delicious Pineapple Cakes.


Day 1

– Flying Cow Ranch Tour

Pick you up at the hotel you stay

Have fun with new friends in flying cow ranch

Make home desserts & create art

Day 2

– Miaoli and Cingjing Tour

Design your own handkerchief using the natural indigo blue dye

Visit Green-Green Grassland to get closer to the cute animals

Enjoy the unbelievable equestrianism show

– Cingjing, Hehuan Mt. and Puli Tour

Day 3

Sweeten your heart, enjoy the chocolate DIY

Capture the magnificent scenery in Hehuan Mt. & the highest highway in Taiwan

Create your own paper product from raw wood at Paper Factory

Experience tea making with your own hands at Black Tea Farm

Day 4

– Sun Moon Lake Tour

Explore the breathtaking beauty in Sun Moon Lake

Relish Itathao aboriginal cuisine

Visit Wenwu temple, pray for good grade

Satisfy your appetite in a food paradise: Feng-Chia night market

Day 5

– Wanggong and Lukang Tour

Be a one day fisher: oyster picking in Wanggong

Enjoy the craftsmanship, cuisine, and historic sites in Lukang Township

Day 6

– Sanxia Tour

Make one of Taiwan’s best food : pineapple cake

Let’s play mud: pottery making experience

Stroll around Sanxia old street: historical baroque façade arches

Day 7

– Pingxi and Shifen Tour

Visit Bitou cape trail & Nanya the rocky shore

Travel back to the old times – Pingxi Sub Railway

Light up the skies for luck – Sky Lantern

Taiwanese Niagara Falls – Shifen Water Falls

What do our clients say:

“Excellent trip with a wonderful guide!”

Our tour guide did a great job in showing us the sights, sounds and tastes of authentic Taiwan. She brought us to places where locals go to, and experience the must try food and activities, like the oyster mee sua, beef noodles, painting and releasing sky lanterns into the sky, soaking in the famous feng jia night market with its trendy crowd and tasty eats and wide array of shops. She took care of the kids well, allowing the parents some breathing space to enjoy the trip. Overall, it was a great Taiwan trip!

– Wesley

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