Taiwan private family tour

Taiwan is the safe, fun and relaxing getaway for your family.

Beautiful scenery, lots of activities, safe and kids-friendly surrounding, Travel with kids in Taiwan is easy and relaxing. It is the continuation of living. Watching your children dragging small luggage and walking as if they are going to lose balance, you are grateful that they are safe and sound. At the same time, you can’t bear the fact that they grow so fast in a blink of an eye. You are aware of the feeling of being parents during the journey and always hope to grow up with your kids.

Taiwan Customized Family tour

We know all the tips about traveling with children and we are well-prepared for everything you need in Taiwan.

Where there are children, there are the unknown. We believe the unknown come with surprises. We can create a tailor-made family Taiwan trip based on children’s need. But of course, to the children, a trip with parents’ companion is always the best one.

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What We Prepare for Your Family Trip

Interesting Hand-on Activities

Watch your kids make Mochi in an aboriginal tribe and rub tea with their tiny little hands in a historical tea factory. It is always the parents’ greatest achievement to discover their children’s potential.

Patient and Trustworthy Tour Guides

Tour guides can be children’s best companions. (Stop being Mom and Dad for a while. It’s time for you to enjoy your life as a care free human being!)

Face to Face with Animals

No matter how old your children are, they will always be crazy animal lovers!

Kid-friendly Accommodations

We will choose hotels or B&Bs which are suitable for kids and have spacious space for your children to play around (if they still have energy in them after spending a long day traveling).

Food that Kids Love

We know that children may be picky eaters sometimes. In Taiwan, there are many kid-friendly restaurants which provide spacious space and appropriate meals for kids.

Leisurely Nap Time

For the children’s comfort and joy, we will try to avoid long travel time in case they lose their patience. However, if long-distance driving is necessary, we’ll try to arrange it in the afternoon so that the kids can take a nap after lunch.

Safe and Comfortable Transportation

Safety is always the priority for family trip. Since you will be spending more time in the car than staying in the hotel, the vehicles that we choose are all clean and comfortable. We can also provide safety seat, booster, and stroller if you need them.

You may come up with more ideas, such as signing up for a Chinese class for your kids or giving them a chance to be a volunteer. We are all ears for any of your unique or even crazy thoughts!

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