Tour Guide like a Breeze ── Our Tour Guide Irene

Spending time with Irene is like coming across a gentle breeze—a light yet incredibly refreshing and healing touch.

The experience in the financial industry makes Irene a detail-oriented person.

Due to her past hard-working days at the financial industry, Irene is very detail-oriented. Before every trip, she will hold a stack of notes and jot down the features and notices for every place. If there are places where she has never been to, as long as the time permits, she will check them out in person.

Irene always puts safety of the travelers first and took care of everyone like a professional should.

Since most of the clients she serves are multi-generational family, Irene always puts safety of the travelers first. “One time, not until I met the clients at the airport did I know there were two visually impaired members in the family. It was an unforgettable experience.” Although she didn’t have time to prepare for this situation, Irene took care of it like a professional should. She made sure that everyone was having a relaxing and fun time by teamwork. “I asked some of the family members to take care of the children, so I could focus more on the needs of the visually impaired clients.” After ensuring the members’ safety, Irene let them experience Taiwan by other senses like hearing, smelling, and touching. Her attention to the details were so highly praised by the travelers!


” Being a tour guide enriches my life!” 

“I once led tour with a group of Israeli clients. They were so interested in Taiwan that they even formed a study group to come up with questions to ask. During our time together, not only did I learn more about the situation and the global view of Israel, but also the earnest side of its citizens.” This job allows Irene to meet with travelers from different countries; and most importantly, through their positive feedbacks, she finds sense of accomplishment and joy. “Being a tour guide enriches my life!” Irene said.


“Showing the professional charisma of being a guide” is Irene’s all time self-requirement.

Irene hopes that through her arrangement and lead, the travelers will be able to enjoy a more exquisite tour. “I like to bring the local lifestyle into the journey.” Irene explained, “for example, when we are visiting a historical site, and there are local venders in the alley selling fruits. Simply planning the route in advance allows the clients to enjoy some fresh fruits on the way. Or with just a little extra time, while taking in all the beauty and soothing vibe of the Ali Mountain, the clients also get to appreciate Ali Mountain Tea and learn more about Taiwanese tea culture.”

Our interview came to an end surrounded by the tea aroma. I remembered a saying in the world of tea ceremony: “One Encounter, One Chance.” This means that since every encounter is unique and cannot be recreated, the ceremony is all about making sure every participant has a great time. Irene must adopts the same mindset while treating every traveler who comes from afar.