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Some stories about us.

Ubike: An unforgettable journey in Taipei

One person, one weekend and an Ubike: An unforgettable journey in Taipei

Brad is a senior executive at a multinational company. He frequented Asia a lot on business trips but this was his first time in Taiwan. Since he only planned a weekend in Taiwan, he hoped to use this limited time to travel to Taiwan’s landmarks as well as experience the life as a Taiwanese. Therefore Amy the tour consultant, helped him organize a basic one day trip in Taipei and a one day trip in Yangmingshan (Yang Ming Mountain). What Brad enjoyed the most was when we took him to experience Taipei’s very own UBike!Read more One person, one weekend and an Ubike: An unforgettable journey in Taipei

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Once Home Always Home

Once Home Always HomeSince their trip was during the Easter vacation, the hotel booking should be prioritized. In order for them to feel like home as well as avoid the exhausting commute between Kaohsiung and Mei-nung, Core found the family a Mei-Nung’s local B&B modified from an old Tobacco Building. What’s more interesting was that the B&B’s owner turned out to be a distant relative of Madame Shinglien! We can only call it serendipity.Read more Once Home Always Home


A trip to find one’s roots – Paying one’s respect in Zhushan (竹山)

How would it be possible to locate her grandfather’s grave site though? Lily provided us with the English pronunciation of her grandfather’s name but it wasn’t enough because it could be translated into anything! A name in Chinese was needed. Afterwards, she managed to find an old photo with a portrait of her grandfather and his Chinese name. After Nancy went online and did a search, she found out that he was a prestigious person. Lily’s grandfather was the County Magistrate of Nantou from 1964 to 1966. Under his reign, a song of Nantou County was even composed! During the Japanese colonial period, he founded the Zhushan clinic (now called the Zhushan General Hospital) He was once also a Presbyterian Minister of a Presbyterian church!Read more A trip to find one’s roots – Paying one’s respect in Zhushan (竹山)


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We provide you the best advice tailored to your need. Before you decide to go with us,we will not charge any fee.

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We never force you to shop for anything on the trips. For you to travel without pressure, we refuse to receive any commissions from the stores.

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Regardless of your group size, we can arrange the suitable car for you. Also, all of our cars have Motor Vehicle Passengers Accident Insurance.

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We match our tour guides to you according to your interests so that you can hit it off right from the start. Our tour guide will accompany and serve you throughout the whole trip and be your friend in Taiwan.

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Be it families needing booster seats, strollers or wheelchairs, or business travelers needing mobile WiFi devices, we have them all at the ready for you. Our travel experts can also customize wheelchair-friendly itineraries.