Propose on a Tour – Say “I do!” at Taroko Gorge

Surrounded by the magnificent gorges and the silk-like Poplar Falls, Tom from the Netherland and Cosette from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, promised to take each other’s hands for a lifetime. In May, 2015, we witnessed the sweet blossom of the couple’s love.

Tom met Cosette thanks to his work. After falling in love, they chose to settle in Kaohsiung. Taiwan became Tom’s second hometown, and he decided to plan an action of love here; that is, to arrange a romantic two-day-one-night trip to Hualien in order to propose.

Tom was contacted by Peter, the founder of Topology Travel, and one of our travel consultants, Jonathan. After knowing Tom’s secret mission, they suggested to help him come up with a creative and surprising proposal. The planning unveiled through e-mail correspondence for quite some time.

The detail went like this: on the first day, Jonathan recommended the couple to join a river tracing activity. This not only gave them more precious memory, but also built up the atmosphere for tomorrow’s proposal. Although Cosette, who was not very good at water sports, was a bit nervous during the activity, she still had a good time under Tom’s great care. The other three consultants, who pretended to be travelers, helped to pump up the atmosphere. They also invited the couple to hike at the Toroko Gorge the next day.

The proposal team woke up on the big day very excited but also a little bit nervous. After a whole day of hiking, we came to the Poplar Trail. When we were about to pass the Poplar Suspension Bridge, everyone was saying how much more thrilling it would be with eye masks on. Cosette agreed to our little game and walked pass the bridge wearing an eye mask. At the end, Cosette took off her eye mask, seeing Tom on one knee in front of her holding the crystal bear which had special meaning to both of them. He told Cosette his feeling and that his life would be much better with her around forever. Under the witness of the Poplar Falls, Cosette said “I do,” and they exchanged vows. This wrapped up the mission that was assigned to the proposal team.

We joked about that as a travel agency that provides customized services, the number of projects that we manage are growing and the categories are getting more and more interesting. Besides creating itineraries and planning proposals, we also have to work as extras! Seeing the smiles on the clients’ faces gives us the energy to work even harder.

When the trip to the Toroko Gorges ended, Tom and Cosette’s next stage of life was about to begin.