One person, one weekend and an Ubike: An unforgettable journey in Taipei

bike tour in Taipei Taiwan

Brad is a senior executive at a multinational company. He frequented Asia a lot on business trips but this was his first time in Taiwan. Since he only planned a weekend in Taiwan, he hoped to use this limited time to travel to Taiwan’s landmarks as well as experience the life as a Taiwanese. Therefore Amy the tour consultant, helped him organize a basic one day trip in Taipei and a one day trip in Yangmingshan (Yang Ming Mountain). What Brad enjoyed the most was when we took him to experience Taipei’s very own UBike!

It was actually Brad’s colleague from Taipei who contacted Amy but she insisted on directly speaking with Brad so that she could find out his requirements and tailor his package specifically to him. Brad was very keen to get involved in the planning process and responded quickly to Amy’s questions about his requirements. This enabled Amy to accurately decipher what Brad wanted.

The reason why Amy recommended the UBike to Brad was because during the consultation process, Brad expressed an interest in trying out new things and wanted to try a different way of experiencing daily life in Taiwan. The UBike is part of a government initiative to get people to ride bikes. Taipei citizens love using this mode of transport due to its convenience and low cost. Brad immediately agreed to try this mode of transport after hearing about it. Amy also tried riding the bike first hand to find out good routes for Brad. She recommended a route from the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to the Taipei 101 building. The carefully planned route was safe and free from the dangers of cars.

Under the wing of Edgar, his trusted Topology Travel companion, Brad was able to have an enjoyable two days in Taipei! Apart from bringing Brad to all the spots on Amy’s plan, after the second day, he also took Brad to see ‘Thermal Valley’ in Beitou. Brad also got to experience the traditional hot springs in Beitou which left him feeling energetic after a full on weekend.

After the course, Brad gave us an excellent review on TripAdvisor and thanked us for creating such an amazing travel plan for him. He not only got to visit all of Taipei’s hot destinations but was also able to experience it all on the UBike. Coupled with Topology Travel’s excellent planning and consultation, Brad was able to have an excellent time!