How to Organize A Tour to Taroko Gorge?

Taroko Gorge is one of the must-visit attractions for many travelers who come to Taiwan, so our travel consultants often answer all sorts of questions and provides suggestions about visiting Taroko. Today we have collected the frequently asked questions to share with you. If you can’t find your questions here, you are welcome to leave a message below!

Taroko Gorge

1. How many days should I arrange for Taroko Gorge?

Depart from Taipei, in general, 2D1N or above is the most appropriate. You can enjoy the beauty of Taroko Gorge with relaxing pace. If you love hiking, or would like to explore Taroko in depth for nature, scenery, aboriginal culture or any other reasons, 3D2N will be a greater option. During 3 days, you can challenge some of the most magnificent trails in the gorge.

2. Can We do Taipei-Taroko tour during one day?

From Taipei, it is feasible to travel to and from Taroko within one day by train or plane. However, such a condensed tour is more suitable for travelers who hope to see as much as possible within their limited travel days and don’t want to miss Taroko Gorge anymore. For those who have enough time (for example, stay over a week in Taiwan), it is recommended that you slow down and spend at least one night in or around the gorge to savor the beauty of it. After all, it’s a pity to leave in a hurry!

3. If I’m traveling with kids and seniors, is it suitable to visit Taroko Gorge?

Among our clients who traveled to Taroko, the range is from infant under 1 year old to seniors over 80 years old. That is to say, Taroko is suitable for visitors of all ages. We just need to adjust the itinerary and travel style to make sure everyone is comfortable. For the seniors who can’t walk too much, they will enjoy the scenic spots by driving. For middle-aged and young people who love adventure, they can challenge the trails with different difficulty. For multi-generational family, we can visit main sights by driving and go easy hiking on one or two flat but beautiful trails.

4. What are the accommodation options for Taroko?

In the gorge, there are 5-star Hotel – Silks Place Taroko, aboriginal style B&B – Leader Village Pulowan, and the budget youth hostel – Tienhsiang Youth Activity Center. In addition, there are also some good-quality hotels and local-run B&Bs outside the gorge.

The choice of accommodation is quite diverse. We especially recommend Leader Village Pulowan for you. The staffs there are all local Atayal aborigines, so it makes this hotel a great place to learn about Aboriginal culture and interact with them! There are also interesting music and dance performances every night, which is definitely the experience that you cannot have in other countries.

Silks Place Taroko 太魯閣晶英酒店

5. Is it necessary to charter a car to tour Taroko Gorge? Can I just take the public bus?

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus (台灣好行), organized by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, has about 10 runs of scheduled buses every day between Hualien Railway Station and the main scenic spots of Taroko (the terminal is Tianxiang Station). However, the mobility of the shttle bus is much lower than that of the chartered car. It is necessary to accurately calculate the touring time at each attraction. Otherwise, it will take more time to wait for the bus. On the other hand, if you are traveling with seniors or children, sometimes you have to carry more luggage such as stroller, and the chartered car will be more comfortable and convenient. So if your budget permits, chartered car is the better choice.

6. What is the most recommended trail in the Taroko Gorge?

For the general travelers and family, the entry-level trails such as Shakadang Trail, Swallows Grotto Trail, Lushui Trail and Baiyang Trail are all with magnificent views.
If you want to challenge an advanced trail, Jhuilu Trail is one of the classic trails that you can’t miss. This trail is an intermediate trail and is more suitable for those who exercise regularly. Jhuilu Trail is currently open to 3.1 km, and it takes about 4 hours to get back and forth. It is recommended that you stay in the gorge for one night to make sure you have enough time to finish.

7. What is the best season to visiting Taroko Gorge?

Basically, it is very suitable for visiting Taroko Gorge all year round, and the landscape of each season is also different. For example, in April, you can admire the wild lily. In addition, Taroko National Park Headquarters hosts music festivals every October. Enjoying the melodious music in the beautiful gorge is also a special experience.


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