How Do We Pick and Train Our Tour Guides?

A tour agency is nothing without its tour guides. Traveling with a seasoned guide can completely change your understanding of a destination and make your trip smoother and more brilliant.

As you may see that our clients think highly of our tour guides on TripAdvisor. Are you curious about how we pick our tour guides?

Most travel agencies are only fond of tour experienced guides. However, in our opinion, when selecting our tour guides, we pay more attention to his life experience than his seniority. Since our clients come from all over the world and have different background, tour guides with different life experiences allow us to find the most suitable one for each group or family.

Take one of our tour guides, Fred, for example. He decided to come back to work as a tour guide at the age of 60. Fred said that, at the beginning, he was worried that he would not be accepted due to his age and the fact that he was lack of experience. However, we valued him for his rich experiences abroad. Today, Fred is already one of Topology’s most popular tour guides and an important teacher who helps us train our new tour guides.

In addition, we are also very willing to provide opportunities to new tour guides as long as their vision of the tourism industry is consistent with ours; this way, we can learn and grow together. After all, Topology Travel is also an agency with zero experience at the beginning and gradually grows into a trustworthy company.

Photo: The founder of Topology, Peter, introduced the company’s development to new tour guides.

At Topology, “Sharing” is one of our most important value. Therefore, we hold a lot of free training for our tour guides every year. The training topics are dazzling. We will learn from the guiding skills of the most popular tour routes, the introduction of the cultural relics at the National Palace Museum, the knowledge of plants and birds in Taiwan and how to help wheelchair travelers to travel in Taiwan safely…etc.

Photo: We hold training in Jiufen to teach the new guides how to introduce this lovely town.

We also hold regular conference to allow senior tour guides to exchange their crisis management experience with young guides. All of this is to hope that every traveler will be able to understand Taiwan more deeply and safely with our tour guides, and feel touching about our island.

Photo: Senior tour guides exchange their crisis management experience with young guides.

In the end, of course the efforts we made to upgrade our guide service must let our guests verify them.

Let’s share with you some of the feedbacks from our guests. The small notes handwritten by these guests are the warmest treasures of ours, and even the guests did a thank-you certificate for us!

We got sense of achievement from these lovely gifts and believe that we did the right things – Using the way we like to interpret the real Taiwan and let our guests have a wonderful time with family or friends under the good care of our tour guides.