Friendship that Sails across the Ocean of Generation

One afternoon, we received a box that was addressed to Logan, one of our tour guides. Upon opening it, we saw a huge stack of children’s books and picture books. Looking at the sender’s name, I did a good search in my mind and located the name of Pin Yoon, one of our clients who had just finished her trip and went back to Singapore.

The physical conditions cannot stop our guests from desiring to visit Taiwan again

Pin Yoon and her brother brought their over 90 years old parents to Taiwan. Although they both had trouble standing or walking for too long and had to rely on wheelchairs for moving, they still had a great time exploring the island. The grandpa was so excited the day before the trip that he couldn’t even sleep!

As Pin Yoon’s travel consultant, Nana took all the elderly’s special requirements into account. She mentioned that one of the key things about planning was for the elderly to return to the hotel room early every day for some rest. In addition, Pin Yoon also emphasized that showers are more preferable than the bathtubs in case their parents accidentally slipped while getting out the tub. Pin Yoon’s sweetness made a great impression on Nana.

Although it is a last-minute arrangement, we are willing to assist to make the clients more comfortable

Nana also remembered that; at first, Pin Yoon only requested for one wheelchair, and the parents could take turn using it. However, after getting in touch with the clients and assessing their physical strength, she figured that two wheelchairs would make the trip much easier. Therefore, she arranged another wheelchair right away and had it send to the clients’ next destination. “This last-minute arrangement came with extra cost, but in order to make the clients more comfortable and at home, we are willing to assist,” Nana said.


Accessible tour has its limitation but we believe the point is to create valuable memories together

Logan, who was the guide for the family, was also touched during the trip. “I admire and respect both the siblings who were willing to take their aged parents on a trip and the parents who, despite their physical condition, still willing to follow their children out for some fun. Plus, the fact that they chose Taiwan as their destination made everything more meaningful to me! I considered myself as a very critical role in this trip and felt super responsible to take good care of the family.” Even though accessible tour has its limitation, we believe that the point is for the clients to be with their family and create valuable memories together.

Clients visited Sun Moon Lake where the old couples once did on their honey moon many many years ago.

Logan walked with the clients beside the Sun Moon Lake where the old couples once did on their honey moon many many years ago. He watched the children took their parents’ hands down the road slowly and one step at a time. He said emotionally, “My wife and I met each other while I was leading a tour. Although a tour guide’s job means I can’t get back home everyday, the absence does make the heart grow fonder. I cherished my time with my wife and the children more. Watching the clients being there for each other reminded me that my own family has a wonderful future ahead and deserves to be treated with nothing but love.”


Logan’s family.

At every site, Logan helped with moving the wheelchairs and getting the parents in and out of the vehicle. His sincerity did not go unnoticed. Pin Yoon learned that Logan has two pre-schooled daughters. As a thank-you gift, She sent many children’s books they kept at home after going back to Singapore. This nice gesture from afar carries love and care from both sides and truly warms our hearts.

30代導遊與90代旅客   跨越世代的情誼

某日午後,公司收到了一箱寄給導遊Logan包裹。拆開來後,裡面是一疊厚厚的童書與繪本。看著寄件人的姓名,在腦海中搜尋了一番,想起了是參加完行程,剛回國的新加坡旅客Pin Yoon。

Pin Yoon和哥哥帶著超過90歲的雙親來台灣旅遊,兩位老人家無法久站與久走,多數時候必須仰賴輪椅移動。即便如此,仍不影響老人家們遊玩的興致,爺爺在出發前一天還開心得睡不著覺呢!

身為Pin Yoon的行程規劃師,Nana謹慎打點好長輩們的特殊需求。Nana說:「規劃的重點是要讓老人家每天下午能提早回飯店午休;此外,Pin Yoon特別強調,基於安全起見,飯店房間的衛浴,必須以淋浴設備為主,避免長輩使用浴缸時滑倒。」Pin Yoon對於父母親的貼心,讓Nana印象深刻。

Nana也回憶,原先Pin Yoon僅要求準備一輛輪椅,讓父母親輪流使用。但在實際接觸客人並評估他們的體力之後,發現使用兩輛輪椅會更有機動性,因此緊急將另一輛輪椅調度到旅客的下一個目的地。「這些臨時的安排雖然會產生額外的成本,但為了讓客人有更舒適的旅程,我們都願意來協助。」Nana表示。

同樣也深有感觸的是Logan,他是Pin Yoon一家人在台灣期間的導遊。Logan說:「不管是願意帶高齡父母出來旅遊的兄妹,或是即使身體有些不方便,仍願意跟兒女們出來玩的長輩,都讓我感到非常欽佩!加上他們又選擇台灣作為旅遊目的地,我就覺得更有意義了!認為自己扮演了一個關鍵的角色,有強烈的使命感要把客人的安全給照顧好。」 縱使無障礙旅遊的行程難免有所受限,但我們相信對客人來說,更重要的是能夠創造家人相處的時光。


每到一個景點,Logan會幫老父母搬運輪椅,並且扶他們上下車。他的真誠,Pin Yoon都看在眼裡。得知Logan有兩個還沒上幼稚園的女兒,Pin Yoon回國後,特地將家裡留下來的童書寄來台灣送給Logan,表達她對Logan的感謝。這一份遠方捎來的心意,蘊含著雙方誠摯的感情,讓人心頭暖暖地。