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Get Your Stomachs Ready! The Food Tour You Can Never Miss

Taiwanese cuisines are so famous that many travelers come to Taiwan just to have a taste of them. However, how are you going to eat the best and learn the Taiwanese culture from the food in such a short limited period of traveling time? With our Food Tour, you can try different kinds of foods that are only available in Taiwan, from Hakka and aboriginal cuisines to low-priced but delicious sea food and creative snacks in the night markets. Instead of merely eating the food, you can also learn the interesting or touching story behind each of the dishes.

Family Fun


Aromatic Hakka Gourmet Food
Fun and Food: Orchard, Winery and Tea Factory

Hakka cuisine is famous for its snacks made from rice, preserved food, and tasty dishes with amazing aroma. We will bring you the Hakka villages in Hsinchu or Miaoli to enjoy Hakka food and learn the culture from it.

In the factories of fruits or food, you can see the progress of growing and picking fruits and the production of certain food. Most importantly, you can taste the freshest fruits and food right on the spot. During this trip, you will eat the fresh fruits, learn the progress of making tea, and taste Shaoxing-wine-flavored sausages.

Tasty Aboriginal Specialty

Taiwan’s indigenous people are one of the top chiefs! They have their own ways of cooking, and the food they serve is highly rated. There are 16 tribes in Taiwan; thus, countless indigenous cuisines. They are all good at cooking with the local ingredients. For example, Atayal
(泰雅族) people live in mountain areas, so they use wild plants and mountain animals as ingredients, but those who live on the coast eat seafood and seaweed as staples. Aboriginal restaurants can be found in many parts of Taiwan, such as Sun Moon Lake. Come and try!

Life in the Mountain: Enjoy Organic Meals with Wild Vegetable and Chicken

In Taiwan, many residences in the country and in the mountains live a life in which they eat what they grow. The restaurants in the mountains often buy their vegetables from the local farmers and create mouth-watering organic dishes with them to satisfy the travelers’ appetite. No matter it is the fresh bamboo shoots, sweet potatos, freshwater fishes, or organic chickens, with the simplest seasoning, you can taste their most original flavor.

Iconic Tainan Cuisines

Rice cake, danzai noodles, oyster omelets – with all these iconic snacks in Tainan, please make sure that there is enough room in your stomach to pack them all. When you visit this ancient city, don’t ever miss any opportunities to taste the local gourmet snacks and to have a glimpse into the cultural origin of Taiwanese culinary.

Budget Fresh Seafood at the Fishing Port

With the ocean on all four sides, Qijin is a natural haven for seafood with plenty of restaurants selling fresh and budget-friendly seafood alfresco style. In addition to the raw seafood, you can also buy some dried seafood, such as cuttlefish candy, in the local tourist fish markets. It will be a nice souvenir to bring back home for the family and friends to try.


Day 1

– Hsinchu Hakka Cuisine Tour

Pick you up at the hotel you stay

Stroll on Beipu Old Street where its Hakka snacks is famous

Try Hakka Lei-Cha (pounded tea) in a traditional Taiwanese building

Make your own Taiwan blue craft—traditional indigo dyeing

Enjoy Hakka dishes in Hakka village

Day 2

– Fruit, Wine and Chocolate in Central Taiwan

Pick seasonal and the freshest fruits and taste them right away

Enjoy Food Made with Shaoxing Wine at Puli Brewery

Be tempted by the hand-made sweet -18℃ Chocolate Factor

Day 3

– Sun Moon Lake Aboriginal Specialty Tour

Ride on the top 10 bike trails alone Sun Moon Lake

Ride on a boat to have a better look at the lake and its surrounding sight-seeing spots

Try Itathao aboriginal cuisine

Day 4

– Xitou Organic Cuisine Tour

Experience tea-processing at black tea farm

Walk in the forest at Xitou Nature Area

Enter a magnificent green tunnel formed by the bamboo

Have wild vegetable, bamboo shoots, and organic chicken in the mountain

Day 5

– Tainan Local Snack Tour

Pass by Chaiyi to try the most famous turkey rice

Ride on Cigu lagoon bamboo raft to find hermit crab and taste the freshest oyster

See the sunset at the salt farm

Have the best local snack in Taiwan

Day 6

– Tainan Local Snack Tour

Meander through Anping Old Street to find the traditional flavor of Taiwan

Experience the vitality of plants: Anping Tree House

Watch a nice drum show at Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Zone

Hear the history about Taiwan at Chikanlou

Day 7

– Kaohsiung Seafood Tour

Visit Dragon and Tiger Pagoda to turn bad luck into good fortune

Enjoy fine art and the surrounding snacks at the Pier-2 Art Center

Dine at Qijin for budget-friendly fresh seafood

Make your mouth watering at Liouhe Night Market

What do our clients say:

“A True Flavour of Wonderful Taiwan”

In the final day of our 8 day tour, we really can’t bear to leave. Our travel consultant designed the trip according to our preferences. Our Travel Guide, Taddy, brought us to many good food places. He even found a fast track way to a famed Xiao Long Bao restaurant… all because he heard those were some of my son’s favourite food! Well done Topology! You were indeed true to your vision and delivered the Warm True Taste of the Real Taiwan !

– Ju Y

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