Aromas of the Night Market – How to Lead Traveler Who Has Eye Problem to Enjoy the Night Market?

To relish in the joys of life, just head for a three-hour tour of the night market. Today we are going to talk about story that will warm your hearts in the bitter winter.

Peter and Lisa, a couple from the US, arrived in Southeast Asia to start their two week vacation. They visited various countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, but have never been to Taiwan. On the way back they decided to take China Airlines with a one-night stopover in Taipei. Wanting to eat their fill of the famous Taiwanese local delicacies before returning home, they chose the Ningxia Night market as their last stop.

As usual, Fred, the tour guide, promptly arrived at the restaurant to meet the guests. When they first met, Peter told Fred that his wife Lisa has vision problems; she can perceive lights but doesn’t have a clear visual field. Even so, they still manage to travel the world and enjoy life, refusing to allow the disease to negatively affect their wellbeing. As Peter walked on, he kept by her side and described the surroundings to her. Lisa gently held her husband’s hand, letting him be her lighthouse. In the gestures of Peter protecting Lisa without her relying completely on him, we see the extreme trust that goes on between them. “I was very touched by their bond!” said Fred. Learning from Peter, Fred was able to give Lisa timely instructions and precisely describe what they are seeing, so that she can experience it for herself as well.

Taking the couple to experience the Taipei subway, Fred continued to describe the vivid scenes in the car. In that instant, the train became a little stage. “The stage is bright and spotless, even if you are starving you prohibited from eating. And there are lots of people swiping their phones.” Hearing Fred’s interesting depictions, Lisa bursted into laughing.

After getting off the subway, Fred was in no rush to take Peter and Lisa to the Ningxia Night market. He wanted these first-time visitors to fully take in the scenes of Taipei. The three of them wandered behind the Taipei Train Station and came upon a typical Taiwanese cafe. Although the cafe was small, it was very special and intricate, covered inside with the antiques of the owner. There was a beautifully carved wooden pangolin on the wall. Fred moved a chair over for Lisa to stand on, so that she can feel with her hands the detailed handiwork. Lisa was amazed. The owner of the cafe, an old friend of Fred, prepared a meal of fried rice, vegetables and soup for the guests from faraway. Although the food was simple, it was made with heart, and typical of those shared with close friends.

With slightly filled stomaches, the three of them then arrived at the destination, the Ningxia Night market. Right away the delicious food smells wafted to their noses. Fred introduced them to the night markets’ endless array of snacks. Whether steamed, boiled, baked or fried, whatever food you fancy, you can find them amongst the lively crowded booths. Peter and Lisa enjoyed a Taiwanese burrito, a thin wrap filled with crunchy bean sprouts and cabbage and scrumptiously topped off with some peanut powder. Of course they couldn’t miss Ningxia Nightmarkets’ famous hot pork liver soup. The rich sesame oil combined with ginger slivers reduced the strong smell of the pork liver and complemented well with the soup. To round off their food adventure they opted for some chewy mochi.

The many heartwarming moments of travel, no matter how short or long, create eternal memories for life. Peter and Lisa’s loving gestures, and Fred’s heartwarming hospitality, quietly left impressions in our hearts.

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