8D: Kaohsiung, Kenting & Taitung

Enchanting holiday gateway all year round – Kenting (墾丁), Kaohsiung (高雄) & Taitung (台東)
If you are planing your second trip to Taiwan, besides Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm, and Taroko Gorge, how about experiencing the true life style of Southern Taiwan?
Comparing to Taipei, the climate of southern Taiwan is steadier which makes it the best destination to visit during the whole year.
In Kenting, you can enjoy the beautiful coastline, sand beach with the blue ocean and reef landscape. There are also various sea activities you can try. Then, we will drive to Taitung, the hometown for over 7 tribes of Taiwan’s aborigines. Before we end the trip, we will move back to Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s maritime capital. As a passionate harbor city, you will experience the friendly citizens and the diverse culture.
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【Secret Taiwan】4 Must-Do Activities in Kenting (墾丁)

Kenting is located at Hengchun township, Pingtung. In Chinese, “Hengchun” means that it feels like Spring all year round in that area. So even though you wrap yourself up like a ball with heavy clothes in winter, you can throw them all away and change into bikini and slippers and run towards the sunshine and beaches when you are in Kenting.Read more 【Secret Taiwan】4 Must-Do Activities in Kenting (墾丁)

1 Day: Yangmingshan

At 1,000m above sea level, Yangmingshan is famous for its sulfurous rocks, natural hot springs, volcanic fumaroles, and extensive network of hiking trails.

Whether it’s relaxing in the hot springs or hiking through seasonal plants and flowers, Yangmingshan is a great spot to soak in Taiwan’s most beautiful natural scenery.Read more 1 Day: Yangmingshan

1 Day: Beitou & National Palace Museum

Special for History Lovers – National Palace Museum & Beitou
Our one day hot springs tour takes our guests to Beitou, Taipei’s most popular hot spring location right here in the bustling city. In addition, perfect for families and history lovers, Beitou’s beautiful Public library and National Palace Museum allow guests to enrich their knowledge of Taiwan.Read more 1 Day: Beitou & National Palace Museum