1 Day: Danshui

Danshui Walking Tour - Beyond Taipei: Discovering Danshui

Danshui Walking Tour
Beyond Taipei: Discovering Danshui

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Danshui Walking Tour – Beyond Taipei: Discovering Danshui

If you haven’t already thought about exploring beyond Taipei, now’s the time to start. Smaller than Taipei, Danshui (also known as Tamsui, Danshuei, and Tamshui) is at the end of the MRT line, but at the beginning of a lot of this area’s history. Formerly a shipping and commerce centre in 19th century northern Taiwan, Danshui has emerged as a fascinating place to visit, full of tradition, history, culture, authenticity, and food (of course!). We’ll take you on a Danshui tour that will open your eyes to this wonderful little spot on the river.



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Who should not join the tour?

Who should join the tour?

During this tour, we rely completely on our feet, but the road is smooth, and we take a short coffee break on the half-way. The sea breezes of Danshui will blow away all your worries and tiredness. However, if you don’t really like to walk, and even the delicious local snacks cannot motivate you, then you are probably not suitable for this walking tour. But don’t be discouraged because you can always choose our other more relaxed one-day tours. But, you see, the gorgeous sunset along the port of Danshui is welcoming you. You sure you are not coming?

If you are tired of traveling around by car all the time and really wish to join a tour that allows you to walk around, stretch your body, experience the atmosphere of a local area, and have the chance to chat with the locals, then this walking tour in Danshui is perfect for you!

With just one afternoon, you can have a general understanding in the development of Taiwanese history. You definitely can’t miss this if you are super into history!

More importantly, we depart the tour with minimum of only 2 persons! But if you travel alone, you can ask a friend to join you or look for a travel companion on backpacker website. It might lead you to a long-term international companionship that you have never dreamed of!

What kind of food will you taste during the trip?

What will you see and feel during this tour?

After a long walk, you are probably pretty starved. Good thing that it will be the time to eat! The most famous and authentic local dish in Danshui is ‘Ah Gei’ which is fried tofu stuffed with glass noodles dipped in sweet or spicy sauce. In addition, there are also other must-try local snacks, such as grilled squid, local biscuits, and countless desserts that will win your heart through your stomach. A customer once said that the local snacks in Danshui are a bit like the Spanish Tapas—you only taste a bit of each dish, but will be able to experience a variety of flavors in just one afternoon.

Still have some time to spare after the tour? Stay longer at the port and enjoy the sunset while having a delicious seafood feast!

Finding elements that are related to their own culture always make the journey more interesting and memorable for the travelers. And Danshui‘s diversity in culture answers this call. George Leslie Mackay, an honorable doctor from Canada, used to live here; the Fort San Domingo was built in Danshui by the Spanish in 1629 and replaced by the Dutch with the Fort Antonio in 1644; the sad story of the Sino-French War was told on the street here; the buildings and traces of international survive the test of time and have been standing here since the Japanese era, and so on. Some say that visiting Danshui reminds people of their home.


14 : 00

Meet up with local expert guide at Exit 2, MRT Tamsui Station

15 : 00

Explore beyond Taipei and get to know the historical city of Danshui (or Tamsui)

16 : 00

Experience local daily life with visits to the market and temples

Trace the changes of the eras, exploring various types of traditional and colonial buildings

17 : 00

18 : 00

Sample authentic local cuisine – Ah Gei, and other local snacks

18 : 30

The tour will end at Exit 2, MRT Tamsui Station

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Tour Details

Minimum Numbers

2 people


Departs on every Tuesday and Thursday

Meeting time & point

14:00 pm at Exit 2, MRT Tamsui Station

When to book

Book at least 2 days in advance

What to bring

Comfortable walking shoes and your passion for history. As we will have a long walk, so please bring a bottle with you. And also get your stomachs ready in advance. 😀



50 USD per person

(Over 6 years old)

10 USD per person


(2 to 6 years old)


Free of charge

(0 to 1 years old)





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* The fee will not be refunded if you give up visiting any place.

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