【Useful Info】 Tour Around Taiwan in 24 Hours?

“Ilha Formosa!” (beautiful island) admired the Portuguese when they were sailing through the Taiwan Strait during the Great Age of Sail. While the Portuguese spent a couple of days sailing over the strait, how long do you think it takes to drive around the Beautiful Island of Taiwan nowadays? A few hours? One day? Two days?

For quite a few times our guests have wished to travel in depth in Taiwan by touring around the Island. But the vacation might not be long enough for them to have an extended and relaxing trip. Very Often there would be guests who are not into a long ride. Or, some family or friends of our guests don’t feel comfortable when the car goes through curvy roadways in the mountains. So how do we cope with these issues when we are hoping for a pleasant car ride?

Therefore we offer the map here! Find yourself an possible answer in the picture beside! What the numbers in the picture tell you is the length of a ride between two places. For example, it takes an hour to travel from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei. As for the colors, they show different.

Tour Around Taiwan in 24 Hours

level of the roadway conditions:

Green – comfortable and smooth

Orange – might be a bit bumpy 

Red – mostly curvy all the way in the mountains

While some guests might decide not to spend too much time commuting, some may prefer having an overall experience through a distant traveling. From years of driving experience, our driver guides have come up with the map above to offer the much-preferred routes-and they mostly cover many of the main highlighted attractions in Taiwan.

Feel free to study your own itinerary with the map here!


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