【Secret Taiwan】Besides Taroko, what are the highlights you should not miss in Hualien?

When it comes to Hualien, the first place people have in mind is usually Taroko National Park. In fact, there are still a lot of places that are worth visiting in Hualien. We will show you something different and interesting, so you can plan your another trip to Hualien right now!


1. First Stop: Learn how to become a Amis hunter

Go to Cidal Hunter School (吉籟獵人學校) to experience the lifestyle and traditional knowledge of Amis tribe.

After 30-minute drive south from Hualien City, you would get to this Amis community and start the hunter experience course. The hunter will teach you how to weave a headdress, symbolic of the unity of the Amis tribe, from coconut leaves. The next lesson is weaving rope and creating a container for holding water from natural plant materials. After this, you are taught how to start a fire without the use of matches or a lighter. It is quite hard but very interesting. All of these skills are needed for surviving and hunting in the mountains. These activities will brings to the fore the wonderful harmony relationship between the human race and mother earth.

2. Go Cycling at Danongdafu Forest Park (大農大富平地森林園區)

Danongdafu Forest Park is located in Guangfu Town of Hualien County, the southern area of Hualien. The mild bike trails are attractive to people who love cycling and people who’s not very good at cycling. It seem like you can temporarily throw all your worries away when cycling. What else you will ask for when cycling along the secretive trails and lush trees with wild sky above. Once you visit here, you will never want to leave (or never want to get back to work).

3. Kayak at Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭)

Liyu Lake is only 18 kilometers from Hualien City. To be frank, here is not a prosperous attraction, but it’s a nice place with peaceful atmosphere to relax you. Every year around March to May is the best time to spot fireflies and butterflies in the area. If you’d like to do some light outdoor activities, don’t miss Liyu Lake.

The bicycle path that circles the lake is around 5 kilometers long, and allows cyclists to experience the pleasant natural beauty of the lakes and mountains from their vehicles. Liyu Mountain has many forest footpaths which allow hikers to enjoy the birds, flowers, and scenery, making it one of the best exercise choices. Besides, here are also some water activities such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and paddle boat experiencing. If you are looking for a place which is suitable for the whole family, Liyu Lake would be a good choice.


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