【Secret Taiwan】4 Must-Do Activities in Kenting (墾丁)

Kenting is located at Hengchun township, Pingtung. In Chinese, “Hengchun” means that it feels like Spring all year round in that area. So even though you wrap yourself up like a ball with heavy clothes in winter, you can throw them all away and change into bikini and slippers and run towards the sunshine and beaches when you are in Kenting.

【Secret Taiwan】4 Must-Do Activities in Kenting (墾丁)

Today, follow us and see what are the must-do things in Kenting that we recommend!

You can check our tour to Kenting via this link.

1. Go Snorkeling

Kenting is one of the famous place to visit in Taiwan, especially in summer. There are tons of amazing outdoor activities you can experience in Kenting like surfing, scuba diving and jet skiing. Snorkeling is undoubtedly the first thing you need to do in Kenting! You will have lots of fun even though you don’t know how to swim. All you need to do is relax and follow the coach’s instructions to breathe with your mouth. It’s such a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of undersea creatures. After the activity, you will get the best souvenir – your underwater photos!

2. Chill on the beach

Sometimes the only thing you want to do on vacation is space out on the beach. There are many beautiful beaches in Kenting. We would like to recommend Baisha Beach as it’s not as crowded as Nanwan Beach. You can walk on the white sand formed by shells. Walking along the shore and enjoy the view of blue sky and ocean will be a perfect way to spend your afternoon. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the peaceful and romantic atmosphere when you see the sunset on the beach. It will make you feel like you are in a movie.

3. Walk in Kenting Forest Recreation Area

Actually, you have other activities to do besides water sports in Kenting. Walking in Kenting Forest Recreation Area is one of them. This place may not be as popular as the beaches in Kenting, but it’s really worth visiting if you are interested in plants, wildlife and special landscapes. The whole area is covered with coral reefs sticking out of the ground. You can take a picture inside a hundred-year-old tree, lose your way in the labyrinth-like aerial roots of big banyans or get to see the southern part of Taiwan with great 360 view on the top of the viewing tower in this area. If you are lucky enough, you can spot the bats in the stalactite hall. The wild monkeys may be another surprise here.

4. Become a Taiker by putting on a pair of flip-flops which is made in Taiwan

“Taiker (Tai-ke) 台客” is one of the subcultures in Taiwan gradually developed by the artists and mass media. Some people think the true Taiker is the foundation of the Taiwanese local culture. Their life style reflects the Taiwanese spirit. Flip-flop is one of the symbolization of Taiker. However, in Taiwan, flip-flops no longer just represent the locals. In the age that personality and customization are deeply valued, wearing a pair of flip-flops is not just on fleek but also fun. In Kenting, a young couple created a made-in-Taiwan flip-flop brand. In their colorful shop, you can create your own flip-flops by matching different colors (no one will judge you if the design of your left foot is different from the one of your right foot.) You can even bring your masterpiece home! The point is that the price is friendly. No matter you want to give it away as a souvenir or to wear them on right away and head for the beach, it’s definitely fashion!

You can check our tour to Kenting via this link.


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